Co-Housing in Southern Scotland

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Co-Housing, but in California - so far there are no built Co-Housing examples in Scotland - help us change that
Co-Housing in California

CHOISS stand for: Co-Housing in the South of Scotland

This site links people, events and information about Co-Housing for those living in Edinburgh and Southern Scotland. We invite groups to have their own pages - at present there are two such: an Edinburgh page and a Dumfries page. And there is further information about Co-Housing on the Information page.


Meeting in Edinburgh on 4th March 2017

   " CHOISS Meeting"

10.00 - 13.00

Basement (LG.07) David Hume Tower

Agenda on the Edinburgh Page

Co-Housing: Shared Futures
A group of academics and MPs are calling for more land to be made available for Co-Housing. There is a page on the Co-Housing Network site about this.

ChaCo Loanstock Funding Launch New ways to meet the financial challenges associated with cohousing development - more on the UK Co-Housing Network site.

Co-Housing Property
The UK Housing Network has a new page with places available to buy or rent in Co-Housing communities, sadly all in England at present.

What is Co-Housing?

Co-Housing is a form of housing ownership which is planned, owned and managed by the residents who all take part in the governance of the community. Ownership is usually a mixture of owner occupier, part owner and rented. Typical activities such as: cooking, dining, child care, gardening, social events or running small economic enterprises may be shared. New members are selected by the community’s existing membership, rather than by external officials or absentee property owners owners. Usually the intention of the group is to facilitate interaction among neighbours for social, practical, economic and environmental benefit. The last point has become increasingly important in recent years with many Co-Housing groups committed to promoting communities that are environmentally sustainable over the long term.

Click here for a link to the UK Co-Housing Network - a UK wide Co-Housing network; this takes you away from this site.

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